Back in London. Eyeballs bleeding, stuffy nose, etc. = all good 14 hour flight symptoms.

Just ran into the Philips Clan at Heathrow – weird. The first time I've ever seen anyone I knew at Heathrow, and it was people from Adelaide who had come in the same entrance I had (i.e. an aeroplane). Apparently they had “fun” on their plane (if seeing a man escorted off at gunpoint by cops is considered fun – at least now we know what happens to people who get busted smoking on a plane !).

Have also spent about 2.5 hours playing Pokemon, and coming to the conclusion that I TOTALLY SUCK AT POKEMON.

Other than that, all good I guess. Man, it's been October 9th for far too long today.

2005-10-10 : Hours of travelling fun.
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