2005-10-13 : Grr, slacking off again…

Been too busy getting back into the swing of things here to finish writing. Having a few complications with my already errant body clock trying to work out which time zone it's in.

Birthday drinks for Emzo the other night at Lush was good – great to see everyone again. Felt like I'd been away for well longer than 2.5 weeks !!

But the really good news is that Morgs & Kris are here ! And here was me thinking I wasn't really gonna get a chance to see them in London. Not that we really did anything last night, cos I got home at 10:30 and they hadn't quite acclimatised to the 11pm pub closing thing yet.

Here's a picture of them eating mushrooms on toast in the lounge and looking their glamorous best:

They've shot off to Dublin this morning, and I'm heading over tomorrow night to join them. My liver's already recoiling in the anticipation of the shock it's going to cop.

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