Yes well as you'd expect my blogging performance of late has been nothing short of woeful – this has been the most spartan year yet, and I put it down to a combination of old fashioned laziness and having loads of other things I'm supposed to be doing. It's not that I don't intend to blog – good lord, you should see it! I've got posts queued up as far as the eye can see to put the finishing touches on. By which I mean, insert the words that make up the content.

Given though that it's almost 3am and we leave for snowboarding in the morning, it seems a safe bet that I'm not going to catch these up any time soon, so I figured it was time to bite the bullet and say once again thanks everyone for reading this year, and hope you have a top end-of-year celebration, in whatever form that takes for you.

You can tell I'm preoccupied – not even a cynical Christmas remark…

Have fun, don't forget to write, etc.

2007-12-21 : Oh dear. It appears to be late December already.
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