And all day long we sing a happy tune…

Sesame Street, man.

The early 70s (and by extension, re-runs in the mid-late 70s onwards) was a helluva time for educational TV, cos nobody really had any idea what it was. Sesame Street churned out some amazing stuff – and not least among it, the Capital I song.

Who are these people? Why do they need their home to be clean & polished?

Does the song not make them sound a bit like a cult of some sort?

And what’s with those hats?

Anyway – it’s catchy.

What I love is that 90s pub rock nerds The Bedridden covered this song (because, why wouldn’t you?), which you can hear at about 6:25 of this quality VHS recording from Adelaide’s ACETV.

Now, I suddenly thought I recognised the little I-blokes’ hats from an Adelaide TV commercial for a furniture shop in the 80s… but it wasn’t The Whitewood Centre. That was just one with a catchy tune.

DEFINITELY not The Sofa Shop, either – although who knew there was a playlist of nearly 80 cover versions of that jingle…

That’s enough research for today, folks.

Addendum: Well, turns out I was wrong about the little furniture dudes. Mr B Salmon of Adelaide kindly figured out WTF I was talking about and revealed that the ad I meant was for The Furniture Works.

Turns out their hats are NOTHING LIKE the Capital I dwellers. I suspect I conflated the two because whateverthehell that thing the guy in front is using looks like some sort of medieval plane, maybe? Dunno.

And all day long we sing a happy tune…
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