It’d be silly not to document my Ice Bucket Challenge video here (made in response to Wayne Francis dobbing me in for it). This has all been a wildly effective and truly viral exercise in raising funds and awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis research – I couldn’t imagine that there’s many people …

Amusing typo

I guess once you’ve had them printed, you might as well stick them up around the neighbourhood still. (spotted the other week in a bus stop out on the main road near our place – probably would’ve been less noteworthy when I lived in Soho, but in NW10?!)

If you’re going to get busted, might as well do it by means of a hit US TV series

I love Tropfest.  It started as an Australian short film festival (now an international event of 20 years) where anyone could enter a 7 minute or shorter film on pretty much anything they liked, provided it somehow featured the “theme item” for that year, in whatever oblique way they wanted. …

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