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Brrrrrrrrr! 0


It’d be silly not to document my Ice Bucket Challenge video here (made in response to Wayne Francis dobbing me in for it). This has all been a wildly effective and truly viral exercise in raising...

Did that just happen? 0

Did that just happen?

Just got a text from my dentist (on Jan 29th) wishing me a happy Christmas, and with a youtube link in it.  The link appeared to be legitimate (and not a scam), so I...

Best named cracker, EVAR. 0

Best named cracker, EVAR.

Found in supermarket in South Africa. It really sounds like the sort of thing Douglas Adams might’ve called one of his characters in Hitchhiker’s Guide, doesn’t it? (as well as… well, you know)

Amusing typo 1

Amusing typo

I guess once you’ve had them printed, you might as well stick them up around the neighbourhood still. (spotted the other week in a bus stop out on the main road near our place...

Ultimate Bacon 0

Ultimate Bacon

So, Liz bought us bacon for bacon sandwiches this morning. Ultimate bacon. I said, “Babe, you’ve bought Ultimate Bacon”. She said, “Of course.  I’m not having any of that Penultimate Bacon in the house”....

Finally, somebody noticed! 5

Finally, somebody noticed!

This is rather a big moment for me – after having had a YouTube account since what I’m assuming is 2006 (that’d be the first video I uploaded there, anyway), I’ve FINALLY had something...