Hello folks, and what about the workers?

Can’t BELIEVE I just walked into that.

The lifts at work are stuffed.  It’s a 14 storey building with 6 lifts – of which 3 appear to be currently working.  Coming in at any sort of peak time means you’re met with a queue of some length.

Today I was waiting with 3 or 4 people and pushing the call button failed to light it up.  We waited and waited and waited and suddenly the 3 lifts opened as they all reached the ground floor simultaneously, and as I got into the front one the chap that was in there stayed in the lift (this is atypical behavior) and asked me what floor I was after.

Being an astute fellow, I quickly deduced that he was in some way connected with the operation of the lifts.

I said, “You’re in some way connected with the operation of these lifts.”.

He said, “I am, yes”.

I asked, “So, what’s going on with the lifts?”.

He explained: “The automatic call function isn’t working, so we’re manually controlling the lifts and going to every floor”.

I said, “That can’t be a particularly mind-expanding way to spend your day”.

His riposte?

(Oh god.  I can’t believe I allowed this to happen…)

“Well, it has its ups and downs”