Top Ten Tuesday: Songs we used to sing at campfires in Cubs & Scouts

Yes, I know today’s Friday. This may be in part inspired by my recent-ish reunions with former Torrens Park Cub Pack alumni Ben Glazier, Jeremy Cochran, and via t’internet, Alex Brooks.  Or maybe it’s the product of a mind desperately searching for stuff to make lists of. In any case …

Top Ten Tuesday: 1970s/80s British Comedians that I’ve been within 50 feet of

This is largely inspired by last night’s gig, Ade Edmonson & The Bad Shepherds – I turned to The Puzzler and said “How far do you reckon that distance is between me & Ade?”, and he said “About 50 feet?”. And almost instantly I came up with this list. And technically it was before midnight, so it’s still a Tuesday list. Alphabetical order, sort of.

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