Finally, I managed to sleep on a plane ! And typically, the movies they had were ones that I actually wanted to see (read: would have been perfectly happy to see for free). Oh well, that wasn't meant to be.

Here I am back in humid & steamy Singapore for the 5th time in 2 years, and it occurred to me the other day that I haven't yet set foot outside this airport. That's hardly the memorable experience that the Singapore Tourism Board are trying to promote, I'd imagine. And given that my flight boards in 20 minutes I reckon this isn't going to be my great shining opportunity, neither.

What a great way to finish a trip back home, by the way !! Fly to Melb in the morning, go do some go-kart laps (managed a sub-28 second lap !!), play some 6-pack Daytona against family & friends, then off to Melbourne Institution of fine red meat consumption “Vlado's” for an exquisite medium cooked rib eye fillet. Steak just doesn't come any better than that.

Travelling's a funny thing – there's nothing glamourous about waking up sweaty and dry mouthed in an uncomfortable airplane seat, with your hair plastered to your face and some mosquito-like stewardess barking “noodle or poach egg?” at you. But it makes up for it when you're in an internet kiosk and the guy next to you's videoconferencing with his family (silently) and waving boxer shorts via webcam at his wife who's miles away.

Hmm, best disappear – next time I write, I'll be back in the ol' Dart.

14 hours of pure unadulterated long-haul joy, here we come…

2005-10-09 : Back to Changi redux, redux. (quack)
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