2005-10-08 : With enough hindsight, you can see your own ass !

I'll finish listing what I've been up to this week another time, cos I'm a bit short on spare minutes right at this second, however I just wanted to say cheers to everyone who came along to the Wheatie last night for a totally rockin' farewell drinks thingo.

As per usual I didn't really get what I'd call a proper chance to talk to everyone, but it was awesome to see everyone there. Evidently I forgot to mention that there's probably more lesbians there than your regular pub, but that's not the reason we went – it's just a great pub!

Am off to Melbourne in a little bit, then back off to England, so in summing up – it's been an excellent trip back, and I'm gonna miss everyone a lot. Come visit !

And now, away to London, where it's warmer and it doesn't rain as much.