Well that's hardly the comprehensive travelogue we were all hoping for – since getting back to Australia I've only managed to write twice, and one of them was about giant squid ?!

Best do a lightning summary, cos I'm meant to be meeting someone for lunch in 25 minutes.

Sunday I spent mainly down at Victor and caught up with Pat & Pete Knott, and Kev & Deb who were down there too. Made it back for a couple of beers with Roie and JC.

Monday I caught up with Patrick and organised weddingy stuff, saw Roie, JC, Kelly, Nick, Jools and co at the Exeter, then caught up with Sharon and Paul at The Ed. Heard all about Paul's upcoming trip to Nepal, which sounds pretty wild – hope that's going alright.

Tuesday I had a beer and a spot of lunch with Big Pete in at Boho (formerly the Unley on Clyde) – a pub which seems to have gotten the spray-on atmosphere treatment but this time rather than farm implements, bicycles and Guinness, it's been made up to look like a Baz Luhrmann film. I was WELL impressed that the rice I got with my curry was molded into the shape of a pyramid. Tues night I caught up with James & Karen and Leanne & Jon for dinner, which was well cool cos I didn't get a proper chance to see them last time.

Wednesday I flew out to Melbourne and spent the afternoon with Ben & Mel, then caught up with Douggy for a couple of beers and a chat and a look at his batchelor pad royale.

Next day I caught up with Brother Timmo, then whipped out to see Mike & Cath and find out what they'd been up to since the Cape York trip. Next, it was up to Craig & Michelle's for the night – there's something about their place that I just love, and it was great to see the kids too.

Next cab off the rank was catching up with the Bird clan up on the scenic & picturesque Mt Dandenong Tourist Drive. Was nice to meet them, and I'd have liked to have stayed and chatted some more with them, but I had to get back down to Tullamarine to pick up Photoboy and Patrick. Friday afternoon we spent checking out photo locations for the wedding and tidying up last minute bits and pieces. Friday night was the wedding rehearsal, followed by some SERIOUSLY awesome burgers at Matt Mollica's place.

Saturday was Pat & Jules' wedding, and I reckon I'll write a separate entry for that cos it was so cool.

Sunday I saw Tim & Chels, shifted a couch, went to a post-wedding BBQ at Maurizio's ranch, shot over to Narrewarren to see Pam, then back across to Hoppers Crossing for the night to stay at Athalie & Brett's.

Monday Athalie & I went to Willamstown for breakfast, then back to Ben & Mel's to get dropped back at the airport. Not a bad effort I thought – in 3 days of driving I covered 500km ! Monday night I took DB out to The Ed for birthday dinner, caught up with Simon and a few others, then mosied back on to The Sussex for the Monday night brewski.

(Almost there !)

Yesterday, being Tuesday, I had lunch with Wild Crazy Mad Dog Nicolitsi, Big Stevie V, and Mark “The Fishfrightener” Duregon. Following that I made a fleeting visit to Whiskey Bill's place for a bit of a chat, then made my way back out to Salisbury for dinner with Brett & Lou, and Big Dave who they'd invited too and was excellent to catch up with as well.

So that's my last week or so, and it's little wonder I'm totally stuffed now. Only 3 or 4 days to go… I'm totally loving this holiday, but I really am going to need a holiday to recover from it !!

2005-10-05 : Top effort there from Captain Organised.
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