Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch. Just when I think I'm in danger of getting into some sort of state of shape or fitness, I have to go and do something bloody silly like help someone move house, and find that every muscle in by back and arms cries out for the next 3 or 4 days “WHY !? WHY OH WHY did you make us do THAT !?”. I still maintain that it was shifting that ferking enormous widescren TV down the rickety and treacherous wooden staircase that did it – at least there was a thrill component about the whole exercise, i.e. Was Ciaran going to make it to his new home with an in-tact TV…

Sat. night I went out to West Hampstead with Paul the Dodgy Aussie, Jaim the not so dodgy Kiwi, and we met up with Mike the Haggis, whose dodginess quotient I hadn't yet established however I'm now grading as somewhere as “extreme to high”. We decide to visit the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, and I'd have to say – quite reasonable indeed ! The ingredients were all nice and fresh, burgers were a good size and quite tasty (pause for Jules Winnfield style “Mmm hmmm, this IS a tasty burger!”). I was deliberating over satay chicken or chicken & bacon, and then spotted VENISON on the menu, so that was me sold.

What else ? Gotta make this quick – am meant to be at work…

Oh yeah, yesterday Paul, Jaim and I grabbed Annie and Undies and headed down to Brick Lane to go to Rock & Roll Cinema – a way cool short film afternoon that happens every month. Last time I went with Dan and Charlie, and due to the vagaries of the train system we managed to miss all of the films, so it was good to be a lot more organised and actually see them this time. Having said all that, I've no time to actually discuss any of them here.

And then we finished up with a world-famous Brick Lane Curry. Brick Lane seems to be to curries what Harley Street is to Doctors. That may not necessarily be true, but it was a bloody good curry !!

And finally, Charlie and Dan got back from Greece yesterday ! Wooooooooooooo! Sounds like they had a totally rockin time, and the photos looked awesome.

And that's my report.

2005-05-09 : A friend helps you shift house. A good friend helps you shift bodies.
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