Yesterday at lunch with Lord Science and Emma (work colleagues), we were chatting about this and that – actually at the time I think we were on the topic of Emma finding candlewax all over the bathroom and kitchen at her place – when we were joined by Mark, another one of our workmates who we don't usually see down in the cafeteria.

Lord Science asked if I'd had any more leads on the light bulb scenario, however I'm still clueless and suspect I will remain so. So we started idly musing as to what it could all possibly mean.

Mark suggested that it was probably an encrypted message from MI-5, which sounds silly on the face of it, but then we explored the idea – there were 4 light bulbs, and my UK Visa is a 4 year one. I've just come to the end of my 1st year. I suppose time will tell, but if around the 2nd of May next year I receive a box containing 3 light bulbs, there's the distinct possibility that Mark's right.

I suppose I should go and check what kind of fitting they are – we reasoned that if someone wants to get rid of me, then they'll probably be bayonet-cap.

Obvious, really.

2005-05-10 : It’s always the simple answers, isn’t it ?
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