2005-05-08 : Tick… tick… tick…

Another week. V busy all the time, and not much to talk about despite.

Had a very odd morning on Thursday – when I got home Wednesday I put my new John Butler CD in my player so it'd wake me up the next morning, and then went to bed (as you do). When my alarm went off, however, I was totally and utterly disoriented – I couldn't work out if I was dreaming, and at one point even doubted that I was at my own house !? The reason for this sudden bolt of uncertainty as it turned out was that in my exhausted shambolic haze, I'd grabbed the CD next to my John Butler one, which was in fact the soundtrack for the musical “Wicked” – a new Broadway musical based on the life of the Wicked Witch of the West (for instance it explains why she became such a bitch).

Hmm… interesting… I wonder if you could sync a video of Wicked with maybe an early Pink Floyd album ?

OK, that wasn't interesting after all. But what is moderately intriguing was what happened to me this morning. I had a card through the door a couple of weeks ago to say that a parcel was delivered but didn't fit through the mailbox, and I could now come and collect it. So today I did that very thing, although was a little mystified, as I haven't bought anything on Amazon or eBay lately.

For some reason, someone from a return address in Manchester has sent me 4 energy-saver lightbulbs.

What the hell's THAT all about ? No explanatory letter, no nothing ! Very odd behaviour indeed.