2004-09-28 : We’re happy little proles and we’re on our way to work.

(Incidentally, if you haven't heard “The Prole Song” by Snog, check it out – it's a favourite of mine at the minute. Thanks Richie !)

Nothing much new – just slaving over a hot keyboard for endless hours a day. I still have mixed feelings about working until 10pm on a Sunday night. Part of me says it's ethically wrong, but the part of me that's chiefly responsible for rolling about in vast wodges of cash seems to think it's all above board. It's like Herman's Head, but without all the cute chicks that he seemed to endlessly score after the show moved out of the primetime slot and back to the 1am batchelor TV shift.

So yeah, anyway… worked Sunday, went to ASDA on Saturday to buy some stuff and reinforced just how frustrating I find shopping in this country. Is it actually POSSIBLE to get a useful length extension cord that only has one plug on the end ? One of the *few* points in their favour was that they sell Vegemite, so I stocked up with 2 jars. That ought to last me at LEAST into the middle of the week.

That's an important point – differences between Vegemite and Marmite (and no I'm NOT going to even bother going into the issue of Promite, because even mentioning it by name is giving it too much publicity – every time I've eaten it I've found myself looking around for a cat's arse to lick to get the taste out of my mouth). For starters, my preference is toward the taste of Vegemite; Marmite, whilst not bad, just doesn't share the same salty goodness. Secondly, and perhaps the most obvious to a wimp who won't taste the stuff, is the viscosity. Vegemite comes out in decent sized nuggets and leaves a telling gouge in the surface of the mass, whereas Marmite is disconcertingly runny. In fact, several times I've been startled to open the Marmite jar in the morning and find that it has a flat surface even though it's only half full. I think it may be a byproduct of the viscosity in the way that it sticks to (or rather doesn't) bread. Vegemite clings to a buttered surface (or any other surface, for that matter) like shit to a blanket, in fact having the texture of unecessarily salty black zinc cream. Marmite sort of slides off and requires several insistent knife strokes to deposit it on its destined bready paradise. One thing I will be investigating shortly is the symbiance that Marmite forms with cheese – that'll be the real test. Oh no, I've GOT to change the subject – this has got me thinking of the Greatest Food in the Universe now…

I also spent a goodly portion of Saturday afternoon ripping my CD collection to PC and then loading my mp3 player up with it – this gadget is SO cool; I really think EVERYONE should get one.

Finally, to provide a picture to break up the great slabs of text on my website, here's a picture of a “Home computer of 2004”, which looks like it wouldn't have been out of place for Talk Like A Pirate day !!