2004-09-29 : Vee are in Holland ! Isn’t dat VEIRD !?

OK, *I'm* not in Holland, but Pat and Jules are as part of their European Tour (obviously they couldn't fit the rest of the band in their luggage… but what else do you really need other than a bass player and a guest vocalist ?), and they showed the good judgement to send me a “video email postcard” thingo from the Van Gogh museum and The Heineken Experience.

Now really, what kind of friend would I be if I didn't take a few choice framegrabs and put them up on the net ? Granted, it's not as incriminating as the picture my brother sent me that time (don't worry Tim, you're safe THIS time…), but it's still pretty classic.

But seriously though, I'm REALLY excited about seeing them when they get here on Sunday, and then on Wednesday I'm having half a day off and we're going to head in to The Lanesborough for High Tea ! And of course there will be assorted other London-based malarkey going on as well, I'm sure.

But if you want to have a look at the message from the Heineken establishment (lord knows how Pat ever managed to leave the place !!), you can do so by clicking on the link you just read past !