One of things about living regular everyday life, rather than going off on big adventures, is that there usually ceases to be great important tales of circumstance to relate. However the large nuggets of story-like matter are replaced by a vast amount of little tidbits of interest. That's my way of saying “not much has happened, really”. In truth, HEAPS has happened, but it's just that nothing particlarly MAJOR has happened. Not to me, leastaways.

OK so for starters, I'm quite settled into my new house now. I've got my room pretty well set up how I want it – all it's really missing is the laptop, which still isn't working. But other than that, it's all pretty cool. I really should do some investigation to see if the open fireplace in there actually works – now THAT would be groovy !

I may have mentioned once or twice before that I totally love my mp3 player… it's got this docking cradle thing that has RCA outputs that you then plug into an amp/speakers, and there you have it – a stereo system ! The cradle has a funky blue light that you can set to pulse to the music, too.

The saga of the laptop has had an interesting development – the Global Help Centre got back to me and said that they would look at it, and then organised for a courier to come and collect the unit ! So that went off 2 days ago, and I'm now waiting to hear back on their findings. The other totally cool tthing they said they'd do was to put a new baseplate sticker on it WITH THE SERIAL NUMBER PRINTED ON IT ! It seems such a little gesture, but it means the earth to someone who has lost HOURS arguing over the fact that the laptop has no serial number stamped on it.

My brother Tim's coming back from Croatia/Germany/Prague/wherever-the-hell-he-is-this-week to London, and he'll be staying a few days before heading back to Australia, so that ought to be good – the end of a big adventure for little Timmy.

I found out something moderately interesting on the tube the other day – you know how yawns are contagious, right ? Insofar as when someone yawns, and you see them do it, it's very hard no to yawn yourself ? Well I was making eye contact with this woman yawning, but through 2 thicknesses of glass (the doors at the end of the carriage), and I didn't catch it ! Maybe yawns can't penetrate glass ?!

What else… Oh yeah, I rang up Nick's place the other night and passed the phone around to all the people at the Gang Show Opening Night After Party. It was sooooooooooooooooooo good to talk to everyone – I've got to say, since coming over here that's the closest I've come to being homesick yet. It was a little surprising that everything seemed to have changed so little, but then it's only been about 6 months really. I learned a few interesting facts about igloos from some random chick from Melbourne, too. But yeah, it was totally awesome to speak to everyone (and on the following night when Steve T rang me on the mobile) – I'm really glad to hear that the show's going well and that everyone's having fun.

Oooooh yeah, there's an important thing – I caught up with my friend Lorraine ! Back in early 1997 when I was working with Eldo, Louise, Athalie, Paula, Faith, Shags, and the rest of the crew* at the 4U2 Guide Camp Radio Station, I met a few girls from England (well, all you met at the camp were girls, and they all had to come from SOMEWHERE I suppose !), and I've loosely kept in touch with Lorraine ever since. So anyway, we FINALLY organised to catch up for a beer the other night AND both actually make it to the predestined meeting spot at the same time. So yeah, that was really really cool – she's managing a theatre now, and about to go off on a UK tour with a fairly prestigious theatre company for 6 months, so it seemed like an opportune moment to ensure we caught up. She also *insisted* that I come and see some Panto this Christmas, so that ought to be… errm… something ?

Right well that's 8 paragraphs, so it's time to sign off. So here's a photo from a few weeks ago, taken by Chisel, of Rob, myself, Charlie's sister whose name escapes me, and Oli when we went out to play pool the other week and wound up sitting around drinking beer and talking bollocks.

* – oh yeah, and Mat.

2004-09-23 : A myriad of stuff, really.
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