2004-07-21 : At the risk of sounding like a whinger:

Is it just me, or does everyone experience “chain cockups” ? I know I've been getting this for a fairly long time now, and I keep thinking it's just my luck and all, but maybe other people get it too ? Who knows.

I've already mentioned the job related nonsense going on for me at the minute. That recruiter has now called me back and said he's got me a “technical interview” on Monday, which is essentially a half day or day of working on this project so the company can se if I'm the right type of person for the role. The only thing is – once again – no starting time. It's hard to know what to make of it, because whilst I want to give him the benefit of the doubt (to say nothing of wanting the job), I can't afford to get screwed over again.

I've applied for a couple of other jobs, and I rang a few of the consultants back this morning as a followup. The one I was most interested in said that I've been shortlisted, and if we're going to go further with it then he'll call me on Monday.

So here we are yet again with all this potential sitting around the place, and nothing actually HAPPENING. FRUSTRATE ME UP !

Another joyous thing is that the Net Access at the hostel has broken down, so I had to really push the issue to get my 5 quid back out of them (they didn't see why they should have to refund my money just because they couldn't provide the service I'd paid for…), and am now at possibly the worst net cafe I experienced thus far. The keyboard is at about neck height, so I sort of feel like a kangaroo probably would, if it could type. And the letters have worn off all the keys, so my lack of ability to touchtype properly is eating into the hour I've got here.

Ah yes, and the other thing is that some helpful soul at the hostel has decided that the milk I bought was fair game, and whilst I managed to get enough out of the bottle for 2 coffees, the rest has been finished off by folks unknown. Ain't it grand ?

Good lord, I *do* sound like a whinger ! Oh well, I'm sure something fun will happen soon. It always seems to.