Wow, just re-reading those last couple of messages it's no wonder so many folks emailed me saying I was a bit of a grumpy-guts ! It wasn't all THAT bad, I promise.

OK, well today I wandered over to the Psychology Dept. of Oxford Uni to help out with a research study. It was a bit of a throwback to my days as a uni student, where one would do almost anything for a few bucks. This wasn't so bad – just answering a bunch of questions and doing a bunch of aptitude test type things under a time limit. Easiest £30 I've made lately. OK, it's the ONLY £30 I've made lately…

What else ? Oh yes, the internet access in the hostel has started working again, which I guess is a good thing. It means I can more readily waste money on net time of course, but yeah.

British reality TV is without doubt as bad if not worse than the tripe we have to endure back home. They've got one here called Fight School – I couldn't find a proper link, but I found a thread on a martial arts discussion board saying how it gives a false impression of real martial arts training. I'm not sure of the accuracy or invalidity of that sentiment, but I *do* know that it seems ridiculous to have a bunch of people in a mystical oriental looking monastery/dojo type thing, where the trainers all have pommy accents.

But I didn't sign in to whinge about that.

Tomorrow I reckon I'll go to the Oxford Modern Art place, maybe the Museum of Oxford (I wasn't going to, but it's more than likely I'll see a bunch of stuff about one of my favourite literary folk – Lewis Carroll), and have a proper wander around The University. After that it's back to Richie and Ciaran's place for a few days, and (*hopefully*) into a job and therefore a place of my own !

So yeah, it's been “fun” staying in this hostel and this town. I suspect I'd have had a bit more fun under different circumstances, and might pop back in a different frame of mind in the future. You've gotta love a place that has its walls dotted liberally with cartoons like this though…

2004-07-23 : That’s a bit cheerier!
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