Well that's a hell of a way to start a day – I got a call from the recruiter dude saying that this job won't be starting until Wednesday now… I turned my phone off for a little bit to recharge it in the hostel dorm, and when I turned it back on there was a message saying that it looks like I may not be starting this week after all. Maybe I'd better start looking around for nicely stocked bins to start eating out of ? This is not particularly funny…

Shame really – it's been such a promising experience up til now !

After a lovely weekend of Morris Dancing in the Cotswolds with the lads from Westminster, Andy dropped me here in Oxford. So I checked into the hostel and then started wandering about a bit. Nice place really ! I'm back off photo uploading for a while, so it's a shame I can't share it. On the wander back I was stopped by a guy giving out handbills for a production of Into the Woods which was being put on that night for a charity thing. The evening was 'compered' by Mel Smith, and it surfaced that one of the things about this production was that the cast members had only had 48 hours' rehearsal!! In light of that, I thought it was an EXCELLENT production ! Admittedly I found the lighting EXTREMELY distracting – it was probably the worst lighting design I've ever seen, and they had the most inept spotlight operator in the known universe.

Well, not much else to say. I was gonna type in a copuple of passages out of the Bill Bryson book I finished reading last night – that guy's just pure hilarity ! But I'm too pissed off right now. Maybe later.

2004-07-19 : Couldn’t organise a cup full of piss in an old folks’ home.
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