2004-02-26 : Carnivorous Antics

It's always weird visiting a house you moved out of… Not that I suppose I've visited many of them after moving out, and Mum & Dad's place doesn't *really* count. But anyway, last night I went out to the Batchelor Pad Royale at Mawson Lakes to catch up with Bushy, Nuddley, and the other chaps.

Amazing how time flies and things change – last I remember, Bushy had taken to shaving his head right down to the skin (see photo), however now he's sporting an afro that would be worthy of Shaft ! Carty was out there too, and he's got the porno look going on! Brown leather jacket, fat sideburns and a stache all the way !

Was wild to catch up with everyone – Bushy, Carty, Nuddley, Nae, B2 (after a long & mysterious absence!), and Undies had just arrived back that afternoon from his stint aboard a Celebrity Cruises cruise ship. We fired up the barbie, burnt some meat, and the piss flowed freely. Great time had by all – the only thing I regret was not charging the battery for my camera !

Completely unrelated to all that, I spent the morning chatting online with Richie – a colleague of mine who lives in London – about this and that, and so by way of providing interesting things to look at, here's an x-ray of Richie's shoulder:

So yeah anyway, Richie's coming back to sunny Adelaide to visit in early April, which will be way cool as usual. And equally as awesomely, I got an email from Annie saying that she's booked a flight back to Oz in April to come visit as well ! All the expats are coming back !! Would be a great time to get snatched up by them and whisked back to the old country…

Incidentally, I'm not sure, but I think there's something wrong with my email. Either that, or just nobody's sending me much this week. So come on, show you care by hitting the “Leave a Comment” link ! Love yer work.