Ooooooh boy, what a fearsome visage greeted me this morning on my way down Goodwood Road…

Typically I'm mentally prepared for the cavalcade of halfwits and bad drivers that assail me on my morning trip from Clarence Park to Rose Park. This morning however, the approach to Wayville Showgrounds was slower than usual. A single column of campervans and 4wd's stretched back along the left hand side, and I realised with horror what was going on.

Upon reaching the gates, my fears were confirmed. A sea of grey hair, pastel tshirts with horizontal stripes, and large arses. Yes, the Caravan and Camping show is on, and every retiree in SA was there to see it I reckon.

All I could think of was the Ride of the Valkyries playing loudly, only a lot slower.

2004-02-25 : They’re EVERYWHERE !
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