2004-02-24 : Great wedding, eh ?

Now that I've caught up on the Perth trip news, it's time to talk about last Friday night/rest of the weekend.

Friday night was Wedding #2 in my series of 6 that are taking place before May 1st. This one was the Wedding of Lucy and Matt.

To start with, we had the wedding service in North Adelaide, which I only barely made it to on time by the skin of my teeth!! The difficulty there was that I couldn't find my black bow tie, and needed to whiz up to see Carol at Spurling to get another one, but because the wedding was at 4.30 I couldn't take a lunchbreak, hence it all had to be done in sequence, and then traffic being what it is… ANYWAY, got there just before the bride did: a great start. The church was tiny, but it was packed, and it was a really awesome atmosphere in there. In truth, I didn't have a chance to see who was in there, because I was so busy concentrating on the wedding, and on trying to get some semi-decent indoor photos. That's one thing I discovered-haven't really mastered this digital photography stuff yet… have to get a few lessons from Patrick !I'd love to give some description of what everyone was wearing, etc, however I can't really remember. Ask someone else who was there or look at the photos. I know the guys were all wearing suits of some kind, and Lucy was wearing a white dress.

Anyway, after the wedding, Spiro and I retired to the Lion for a few restorative pints whilst waiting for the reception to commence. A most agreeable spot, methinks. One excellent thing was that they have the Cascade Four Seasons range on tap. However, this must not be as popular with everybody else, because they were still finishing off their kegs of the Spring brew, and hadn't even started on the Summer Blonde.

We proceeded to the reception, where much merriment ensued and many portions of lager were consumed owing to the helpful nature of a particularly evil blonde waitress there. The while occasion went extremely well I thought, and it was great to catch up with some of the people I haven't seen in a long time – e.g. Dannie, Matt W, Kirrily and Katherine. I also mett Matt's Best Man, a Canadian fellow named Dave, who works in the film biz as a Clapper Loader. How exciting – I've finally met a Clapper Loader ! He bore a fairly striking resemblance to a mate of Patrick's as well, but of course I couldn't remember the guy's name and therefore couldn't ask anyone to verify my claim.

After the beer stopped flowing and the activity ceased in the Botanic Gardens, we decided to play on at the Casino. Spiro suggested we walk down, and so we strode purposefully in a westward direction. Our course took us past Adelaide Uni, and there was a fair amount of noise coming out of it. As it happened, the Fringe opening party was on, so we cruised in there for a half-time beer and had a look around. Man, the place was jumping. There must have been at least 5000 people there, with 2 stages, plenty of booze, and a great vibe. We wandered around for a while, looking fairly conspicuous, being the only 2 in tuxes there… We watched a couple of jugglers for a while, and I later heard that there was a bit of a scuffle there when the juggler was pushed off his unicycle by a crowd member ! We must have missed that by moments, and it sounded like there were about 10 people I knew there, but at the time we didn't see any. Irrellevant. We proceeded to the Casino where we caught up with the wedding crew, and continued with our alcohol-fuelled nonsense.

I don't want to go into specifics here, because the story gets a little bit NON-ADMIRABLE, however I will say that firstly, five is definitley past my martini limit. Secondly, mobile phones should have alco-locks put on them so drunk people can't send SMS's… that would save a lot of heartache and anguish, and I'm once again REALLY SORRY (you know who you are). Thirdly, my car is STILL f'cking uncomfortable to sleep in.

The next day was a bit of a waste, because I basically spent the whole thing lying in bed feeling revolting.

Sunday I went to see a couple of Fringe things – the first was Comedy for a Cause, the giant gala event at the Town Hall with 16 comedians, with proceeds going to a charity of some sort. Upon arriving with my emergency date (cos I couldn't get in touch with my actual date !! Alexia, where are you hiding !?), I discovered that the charity was Catherine House, which my Aunty Vicki works for !! I think I saw about a dozen people there that I caught up with, and saw some great comics into the bargain. Standout performances were by Steven K. Amos and Ed Byrne. There was a female hawaiian comedian there that most of the women in the audience found funny, but focussed pretty much on matters gynaecological, which I think half the people in the room were a bit lost with. But a bunch of cackling women make as much noise as a room full of giggling women and guffawing men, so anyway. The unfortunate thing was that the PA system in the room was incorrectly specced or SOMETHING, meaning it was really hard to hear the comedians, and even hard should they have any kind of accent. On the whole, and excellent concert though, and they raised a ton of money for Catherine House, which was great.

Later that night, I met Spiro, Belinda K, and Tim O in at the uni to go see Tripod – my all time favourite australian comedic trio. I'm lost for words – their creativity astounded me, musically they were fantastic, and it was just an awesome show. So much so that upon getting home, I booked again for another session. Will write some about it then I guess !!

So even with the removal of the Saturday, it was a hell of a weekend and I had a great time. Yay.