2004-02-29 : It’s not turkey, it’s SPURKEY !

This'll entertain your socks off.

We've got a servo next door to work, and occasionally we nip over there for some food substitute. The other day I was perusing the refreshing beverages in their fridge (which usually results in the purchase of a Classic Mocha anyway), however this time I spied something unfamiliar. Schweppes have released a range of citrus flavoured mineral waters. They come in those skinny 250mL cans, which means that they charge you 8 times as much for them because they look more cosmopolitan. (Incidentally, on my flight the other day, I had a 250mL lemonade, and it came in one of those short stumpy cans… noone in their right mind would pay as much for these wanker-drinks if they came in THOSE !).

Anyway, one caught my eye in particular – “Viage”.

It wasn't the purple can, or the name… but rather, the little descriptive sentence that appeared underneath.

What in the world is THAT supposed to mean ? Whoever got paid for coming up with that needs a good hard kick in the arse.