Well, that's my first beer-related injury in a while !! It's not as bad as the time DB fell face-first onto the bitumen in the carpark at the Sussex or anything, but this isn't far behind, because this happened to *me*, which of course makes it a lot more serious.

I managed to jam my finger in between the whiteboard that's on the back seat of my car and a carton of Carlsberg.

OK, I realise it's not a crippling disfigurement, and there's a lot more people out there in the world with more debilitating and pity-inspiring maladies than that… but still, it goddamn well hurts !

In other news, I got my first bit of website feedback last night ! I'm pretty impressed with that, seeing as I only wrote the feedback section the night before. The really cool bit is that it's from someone I don't know ! Cheers for that Nathan, wherever you are.

The next thing I think I'm going to work on for the site is a photo gallery. I think I've found a thing to deal with that (cos I can't be arsed writing one), but now I've got to find a doohickey to handle creating thumbnails. Apparently it's not rocket surgery, but I really can't be arsed mucking around with image manipulation at the minute. Sleep's far too important right now.

Oh yeah, last night I grabbed a curry with my bro (by that, I mean my BROTHER, not some kind of supportive undergarment for men) at the Raj on Taj. Now I'm not one to do commercial endorsements, but that place ROCKS !

OK, back to work…

2004-01-22 : Ow ow ow owwowowow!
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