Some of the more astute of you will have noticed some Save Ferris links on my site now. Well here's the explanation.

Since I was about 13, I've always had a Save Ferris t-shirt. I think the first one I bought off a guy at a bowling alley. Presently I'm on my fourth one and I've got to say, it's served me well ! However as the photos will show…

It's looking a little worse for wear.

So anyway, I started looking for a replacement, thinking that the Internet would provide. I mean, you can get almost everything else..! I looked high and low, digitally visiting virtual stores hither and yon, but alas there was no sign of my quarry.

Then, inspiration ! allows you to create & sell your own designs of tshirts, with the only real down side being the cost of shipping from the US. But yes, through this wondrous medium I was able to acquire Save Freeis Shirt – Mark V ! And I pass on the same opportunity to all – Jason's Save Ferris shop !

And one more thing – a public acknowledgement of Lineke's excellent idea of putting a big black border around this post to signify how upset I am about losing the shirt. I just couldn't figure out how to do it… but good thinking :)

2004-01-24 : Alas, a solemn day.
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