2004-01-20 : And now, politics.

I don't usually pay much attention to US Politics, because apart from not understanding it that well, it's just frustrating at how much goes on behind the scenes and separates the democratic front appearance from the machinations of what's really going on.

This morning however I was pointed to this site by my friend Ryan, a fairly recent import from the US.

It staggers me how many candidates are running for the Presidential election, and whilst I'm sure that most of them could do a better job than Dubya (even this guy – anyone mentioning winged monkeys in their election platform is good by me !), the disturbing thing is that whilst everyone agrees that change is needed, because they can't agree what kind of change is needed, they'll probably split their votes in all directions and voila, the same guy gets in again.

Ah who knows – like I said, the voting's irrelevant really… it certainly was in the last presidential election.

Anyway, that's enough political discussion from me. My mum told me never to discuss politics, religion or football, because people just get hurt.