I remember reading a book which was bemoaning the fact that intelligent bathroom graffiti is something which appears to be dying out in this country, and indeed in today's society. I suppose it's a combination of things – one being the establishment's displeasure at having its facilities vandalised in any way, but also the general tendency of the graffitist to opt for vulgarity and outright crudeness, rather than social or policital commentary. Luckily, every now and again something pops up that refreshes my faith in mankind's progress.

In this particular instance, I am referring to the male convenience upstairs in our office building.

There is a black and white printed notice, stating “Your cooperation in maintaining the hygiene of this facility is appreciated. Please use the brush provided.”.

Underneath this, someone has responded : “Please provide softer brush”.

God, it had me giggling for days.

2004-01-19 : Laa dee daa, a bit of toilet humour.
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