Tee hee… after a quiet word to James, I managed to swing a shift on the radio station ! It was wild fun ! I haven't done that in sooooooo long!! Surely being a DJ in the real world can't be that easy though ? It's far too much fun for it to be a job.

My voice was kinda knackered when I woke up, largely due to this goddamn cold I've picked up. I sounded like Lee Marvin ! Well, at least like he would have sounded *before* he died.

The topic on everyone's lips today is Guy Sebastian's performance last night at the main arena – at least we don't have to try to keep the secret in any more. I've got to admit, I didn't see it. I was busy working up at Humpy's Arcade. Some of the blokes here at the station got autographs, but better yet – Entertainment Team scored a load of free beer, which was left over from Guy's rider. This, in my eyes, makes him a top bloke.

Yikes, only 4 days of Jamboree to go… exciting stuff.

2004-01-12 : You’re now listening to Humpy FM!