OK, the bit about having not slept is an outright lie, but I genuinely am knackered !

This is the problem with being so efficient and organised – my venue runs like clockwork… so much so that there's nothing for me to do up there any more! Well, except for playing tons of free games, when I get the time and inclination :) I must have forgotten to mention it the other day, but I managed to set a high-score on Lord of the Rings! A tidy 38 million and change. Anyway, that was a couple of days ago, but yesterday a Scout knocked me off my perch, and it must have been newsworthy because we got a visit from the Jamboree Newspaper team to report on it !

And now, some more photos… Here's a shot of the MFP (Multi Function Place) the other night…

And another. Amazing night – there were about 200 kids chanting Eminem in a kind of “group karaoke”.

Here's a shot of our 2nd venue, the square shed. But with stuff in it this time.

A small crowd at X Fm

Some of the Entertainment Crew engaged in a furious Daytona battle

Kelly and Scotty dancing it out

Scotty and I proving our uncoordination

Newspaper shot of the kid that beat me !

A shot of the crowd for opening ceremony (photo courtesy XFM)

Dylan and I doing our Blues Brothers thing in Opening Ceremony (phot courtesy XFM)

What else has been happening ? I got to help with the main stage warmup last night – Creog had to go get dinner, so he let me drive the desk, and gave me a microphone. Muahahahaaaaa.

I spent most of yesterday driving around playing Gofer for various folks… Today's shaping up similarly. Maybe I'll go hang out with the radio crew and scam some of their excellent coffee ? Or go for a walk around site and see if I can track down the Glen Osmond crew!!

2004-01-09 : I’m soooo tired, I haven’t slept a wink.
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