As I haven't written myself a proper photo gallery script yet, I'll have to make do with this…

Virge and our Simpsons pinny.

We've got a 6-pack Daytona!

Here's the stage with the roof up and some lights on.

I got interviewed on the radio today (wooooo! Humpy On The Air!), so I thought I'd better take a picture of Browny and James. You can kinda see their ugly mugs through the window. Sort of.

Incidentally, we're all having a lovely time up here, although the weather sucks arse. It's as windy as hell, things keep blowing over, and we're all sick of being wet. January, eh ? Adelaide's famous for its 43 degree summer days, and in typical style they stop occurring as soon as the tourists arrive.

A significant mention that I think I should make is to the brave souls that helped me set up Humpy's. Richie, Andrew, Steve T, DT, and Cris are all dead set legends, but the one who really gets all the bonus points and the commemorative ham is Fi.

2004-01-07 : And here’s some more pictures…