Well that was fun !! Oh my god, what a buzz – performing in the AJ2004 Opening Ceremony ! I know we bandy this figure of 8000 people around a fair bit, but it's completely something else to be on stage with all of their gaze focused on you. What a racket ! Beats the crap out of a Gang Show crowd :)

Without wanting to claim that this Jamboree's about nothing but making me tired, I've got to say, I'm STUFFED now ! We rehearsed all day yesterday, and then performed last night. I think I screwed up every single thing I performed, but that's what you get for only having 2 rehearsals!

Humpy's Arcade is going pretty well – it was shoulder to shoulder in there yesterday! Refreshing that kids get into video games still… I wasn't sure, given that most of them have XBox and stuff at home anyway. Then again, they'd need some way of getting their fix whilst at Woodhouse.

Must get some credit on my phone too – not being able to retrieve voicemails is wearing a bit thin. I think I've got 8 there to clear out now.

Another thing we developed last night was the idea of a “brainchild”. I can't remember how the conversation developed, but it seems to make sense that a Brainchild is a little toddler-sized being with a humungous brain, and they climb up on your back, meld their mind with yours and use you as a kind of host to get them around and do things. As you can tell, this all happened reasonably late last night…

Oh yeah, ANOTHER whinge – I think the catering team last night hit a new low. Mark the lighting guy and I have decided that as soon as I get paid this week, we're gonna take a night off and head down to Gaucho's in Gouger St for a nice 700g T-Bone. Mmmmm….. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet…..

I think it might be time to get a new Flux Capacitor in the Celica, too. The flange gasket in the Flux Capacitor broke last night and we had to get the RAA guy to come and recalibrate it. We most certainly did NOT run out of petrol. Yup. It was that Flux Capacitor. It's classic in the '81 Celica.

2004-01-06 : Are we having fun yet ? Oh yes, great steaming bagfuls of it !
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