Well, imagine that – I've had to wash my hands at the end of a day to get the dirt off for the THIRD day in succession ! That's not something a computer nerd's accustomed to !!

Anyway, today we spent the day setting up the video arcade some more – it's an amazing transformation from a crappy old shed with a fireplace in the centre to a fairly interesting looking venue ! Tomorrow we're gonna dress it up a bit more, so maybe I'll take some shots then.

The most impressive thing the Entertainment Team is working on is the main stage, and today whilst nothing much happened visually, it was the first time they tested the speaker stacks, and… Damn. What a goddamn racket they make. I was in Arcade 1 when they played “Bass Test” by the Chemical Brothers, and all the glass in the machines was rattling.

One of the things I did today was shoot back to civilisation to grab some bits and pieces, and I had an interesting moment over on Wright Street – a police car pulled me over and asked me if my numberplates had been stolen at all. Of course, they had – quite some time ago, but I replaced them and carried on and this was the first time I'd had any query raised about it ! The bit I don't get is why did the cop run a check on my license plates ? I wasn't driving weirdly, and my car's not defectable… maybe he was just bored !?

Tomorrow's the day the kids start arriving on site, but it's the last “spare” day before the event kicks off. Wow.

In other slightly related news, yesterday I recognised for certain that I'd been to this campsite before. I thought I possibly had, but y'know… so many damn campsites !! I came here for a FUCS camp probably back when I was in uni (1995) and Kynan Johns was still conducting us – the kicker was spotting the chapel which is sort of off to one side. On that camp we filled the chapel and sang the Antonio Lotti Crucifixus for our own benefit really – it was one of the wildest sounds I've ever been a part of. I don't know what about it – perhaps it was a combination of the intimacy of the room, and the feeling/spirit of the choir at the time, combined with the amazing music… but again. Wow.

Oh yeah, I'm starting to rethink the fun value of eating 21 Jatz biscuits. Dammit my gums are hurting. On the upside, I don't drink Coke much, so I don't have to worry about its' crazy acidity killing my poor nervous receptors…

2004-01-04 : Third day in a row !!
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