2004-01-01 : Happy New Year !!!

Today marked my first day on site at the Jamboree. After awakening feeling a bit stuffed (not hungover mind you – it would take a bit to beat Christmas morning !!), I wandered over to Woodhouse to see where they'd gotten to since I was there last.

It's amazing – you'd barely recognise the place !! Tents everywhere, barkchip pathways, fences, structures… and that's without any campers yet ! They don't get here for another couple of days.

For anyone who doesn't know, I'm managing the video game arcades at the Jamboree. The team decided that in the absence of any other name, the venue would be named “Humpy's” – how exciting… National noteriety among the 11-15 year age bracket. I was going to take a photo of the venues as a before and after kind of thing, but there's not a lot of point, because at the end of the day it's just a shed with a bunch of video games in it :)

The OTHER thing I nearly took a photo of was my present state, after doing a day of shifting crap around, getting ash dumped on me, and soforth – I actually LOOK like someone who's done a day's work for a change !!

Oh yeah, that's the other OTHER thing – last night we had a bit of a contest to see who could fit the most Jatz biscuits in their mouth at one time (not in tact – you were allowed/encouraged to chew them up to fit more in there). ANYWAY, yours truly took the biscuit (ar ar ar…) with 21 of the damn things ! The prestige and admiration of my peers is worthwhile of course, but it just sucks that I lacerated my gums in the process. The price of victory.

Anyway, that's it… gonna go now so Marty can check his email.

Peace, out.