Today it appears to be pissing down. That was a fraction unexpected, considering the relentless heat of the last few days.

I've gotta give it to Austin though – ignoring for a moment he's about as smart as a row of wooden posts, he did say that it was guaranteed to rain at least once, seeing as we're up at Woodhouse.

Last night I got woken by what sounded like a hurricane – a truly amazing windstorm, which only lasted for about 10 minutes, but that's enough to cause trouble for people. I'm about to head back on site, and I guess I'll find out if the weather's presented any kind of hassle. Was pretty hard to get back to sleep at 5:30 though – all these visions of the wind toppling the speaker stacks and scaff towers. But that's possibly the product of an over active or over tired imagination.

2004-01-04 : Then disaster… I threw a 3 and a 1 !
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