I went and saw Return of the King the other night – gotta love that whole queueing up for an hour to see a movie you've already got a ticket for…

Great film and all, but I'm not going to spend too long on that, because hey – no surprises in it; the plot's been widely available for 50 odd years.

Whilst leaving the theatre (and by that, I mean Cinema) I discovered that somebody had left an upturned popcorn bucket under one of the seats. This raised 2 issues for me:

1) In a film that lasts 3 hours and 20 minutes, who DOESN'T have time to finish their popcorn !?

2) As I was wearing my Teva sandals that night, I discovered that having popcorn between one's toes is a singularly weird feeling.

2003-12-30 : Incidentally…
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