2003-12-29 : Paddling in the Too Hard Bucket

Dear diary, it's been 5 days since my last confession…

Well, the Christmas period was certainly as violent towards my liver as usual! Mostly good fun though. No carol singing this year, which was a bit unsettling after having made it a routine for the last 10 years. Although routine made a reappearance in the form of crashing overnight at Jono & Julia's place and arising late the next day feeling nasty.

I've got to go up to the Jamboree site Wednesday night, so the next couple of days will be my last in civilisation for a fair while.

Everything just seems too damn complicated! Admittedly, I've probably got one of the less demanding jobs out of anyone there, and I've organised almost the entire task to be subcontracted out. I don't know, I've still got an extraordinarily low irritation threshold !

My new Notebook turned up today, but wouldn't you bloody know it – the hard drive in it is cactus… so now I've gotta wait 3 days for a warranty repair job. That pisses me off – why can't people TEST things before they sell them to you ?

On the *up side* of the last few days mind you, I've had the chance to catch up with some of my oldest and closest friends, like Pat, Jules, Spiro & the Aesir mob, and then with Lineke and Ryan et al.

And finally, I noticed that the link to the picture of Tim's Arse had reached the bottom of the page (pardon the pun), and that's just no fun… so here's another. (Warning: clicking on this link will take you to a photo of my brother's arse).