2003-12-24 : Finland, Finland Finland, le pays ou je voudrais etre…

I remember reading a fair bit about how email is eating into the profit margins of Australia Post. It seems logical, although personally I think it'd have a roughly equal effect on phone calls as well…

But yeah, anyway – the point is: If email's the nemesis of the Postal Service, then Christmas time and eBay have got to be its saviours.

Christmas cards are a fairly ludicrous concept really – which isn't to say I don't send a tonne of the damn things – but it's a hell of a lot of material to convey a typically simple message. Postcards aren't even as big as that, and on those you've at least usually got something to SAY ! Most people don't write anything in their Christmas cards anyway, they just add “Dear X” and “Love from Y” in the relevant spots.

Actually that's an idea – maybe next year I'll just send postcards instead ! That way you're kind of forced to write a personalised message !!

Anyway – time to conclude this ill conceived ramble. In case I don't get a chance to update tomorrow,

Merry Christmas to all my devoted readers !