What a cornucopia of activity this weekend turned out to be !!

We really do get a warm and mawkish feeling out of being reunited with people we haven't seen in a while, don't we ? OK, at least I guess I do. I really do wish there were more time available for catching up with people! What's even cooler than that is meeting funky new people, and that's something which certainly happened on Friday night. Honestly, at the present time and given my general mood and attitude, I thought that meeting & hanging out with these 2 was almost a Christmas present in itself !! Anyhow, enough of that…

This weekend has definitely been a series of people doing wild stuff and making me appreciate them all the more, and whilst this website isn't a public forum of any great significance or through-traffic (i.e. it's no billboard in Times Square or anything), I'd like to iterate that:

  • Marty
  • Mr McCromack
  • MacGuyver
  • Morgan
  • Ben at work
  • A Hall and K-Mack
  • Annie
  • Mike who was Moose
  • Aunty Jean

you are all complete Legends!

Now that I've got that out of my system, it's also “interesting” to point out that my predictive text dictionary (Nokia 8850) seems to have no problem with the word “earthling”. I'd have thought that in a small device like that, you'd need to prioritise which words to include… but if “earthling” made it in, then it makes me feel a whole lot better about the human race.

Last night, for the first time since I arrived on this planet, I visited the sleepy hamlet of Lobethal, in the Adelaide Hills. The place is famous for the christmas light displays that the residents and businesses erect at this time of year. It certainly didn't seem to have anything else going forit, although that's possibly a little harsh seeing as we didn't get there til 11.15… (It's a nice enough place, but it's no Yacka !).

Oh yeah, anyway to explain the cornucopia comment, I had a Rover Crew Christmas Dinner, got my car fixed, caught up with some mates for homebrew & a viewing of Wayne's World 2, had dinner with a friend, went to a 21st, installed a scanner at my parents' place, constructed a pedestal fan, cooked a stirfry, drove up to the hills and back, groomed the cat, did some dishes and laundry, and all in the space of a single weekend ! This coming weekend's gonna be the interesting one though. Eeek. Only 14 days until the Jamboree…!

Incidentally, I don't want anyone reading my tirade on car parking the other day to think that my contempt for motorists extends only to South Australians… Even the pitiful antics of the Gold Plated Spatula set up at Sideburn Village can't eclipse the Melbourne Markets episode I witnessed once on a Gang Show trip !!

There was a Mexican Standoff for a carpark, but due to the width of the carpark lane, the person reversing couldn't actually get out. Neither assailant was going to move, for that would mean the loss of that park. While all kinds of verbal cues were being hurled around by the 3 drivers, the adjacent car owner decided to leave also, but he couldn't go, because one of the primary assailants had blocked him in!

On a rational planet this would be easily solved now, because 2 were leaving, 2 were arriving. But no ! One of the primary assailants now had someone queueing behind them, and the flashing indicator served as a territorial claim to that parking space which the guy had obviously already driven past and therefore had no rightful claim to.

Aaaah, I wish I'd had time to grab a bag of chips and come back to see how it ended…

2003-12-22 : Settle in, dear reader
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