The End Is Always Near

I’ve said before, a challenge with reading books by people whose voices you know well (in this case, podcaster Dan Carlin) is that you read their every word in the cadence of their speech. Luckily in this case it didn’t

Clubland: How the Working Men’s Club shaped Britain

A history of the Working Mens’ Club movement, told through the eyes, experience and research of master beer writer Pete Brown: never delivering anything as dry as a pure history, but sure learns you up on a lot along the

In The Plex

Subtitled “How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives” – an interesting read this, given that it was published in 2011… so, a company biopic from 10 years ago for a company that’s very much continued aggressively evolving to present

52 Times Britain Was A Bellend

One could be forgiven for feeling a little bleak about one’s adopted country on the face of reading this – if it weren’t abundantly clear that the author had started with THOUSANDS of similar incidents and narrowed it down to

Tales from the Colony Room

The history of Soho’s Colony Room Club – a gathering place of Bohemians, artists, and free thinkers – established in 1948 by the redoubtable Muriel Belcher and closed in 2008. In that time it was home to a rollcall of

Bristol Pubs

A historical dig through around 45 of Bristol’s oldest pubs, covering both central buildings and further afield. A little inconsistent in its detail – some pubs turned up really interesting stories of events or people connected with the place, whereas

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