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'Scurrilous, scandalous and frequently disgusting. I absolutely loved it' James O'BrienTwitter hero James Felton brings you the painfully funny history of Britain you were never taught at school, fully illustrated and chronicling 52 of the most ludicrous, weird and downright 'baddie' things we Brits* have done to the world since time immemorial - before conveniently forgetting all about them, of course. Including:- Starting wars with China when they didn't buy enough of our class A…

One could be forgiven for feeling a little bleak about one’s adopted country on the face of reading this – if it weren’t abundantly clear that the author had started with THOUSANDS of similar incidents and narrowed it down to a more digestible 52. Coupled with the barrage of human dickishness I’ve been mainlining from The Dollop podcast, and the present-day delights of Brexit, Trump, etc. it all paints a fairly depressing portrait of what we’re capable of as a country and a species. Yay. Still, amusingly written in a kind of gallows way.

52 Times Britain Was A Bellend
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