The Importance of Being Interested

Robin Ince’s passionate outpouring about the many and wondrous ways in which science excites and unlocks creativity & wonder. I love Robin & his work dearly, however I can categorically state that he’s a difficult author for a new parent


(Subtitle: “How Russians, the Rich and the Government Try to Prevent Free Speech and How to Stop Them”) This may well have been my first Audiobook, bought partially for cost reasons but also as it was read by the author.

How They Broke Britain

Taking a moment out of trying to get people to justify their opinions on radio, James O’Brien has assembled an excellent if not totally depressing case outlining how a handful of key individuals colluded, conspired, and/or coincided to take Britain

The End Is Always Near

I’ve said before, a challenge with reading books by people whose voices you know well (in this case, podcaster Dan Carlin) is that you read their every word in the cadence of their speech. Luckily in this case it didn’t

Work! Consume! Die!

There’s no doubt that Frankie Boyle is one of the sharpest and simultaneously bluntest comic minds of our time – however this book genuinely read like someone had thrown together a list of topics and then collated a bunch of

Clubland: How the Working Men’s Club shaped Britain

A history of the Working Mens’ Club movement, told through the eyes, experience and research of master beer writer Pete Brown: never delivering anything as dry as a pure history, but sure learns you up on a lot along the

Independent Scotch: The History Of Independent Bottlers

A much more engaging read that David’s last book… Broadly hanging off the idea of presenting a history of independent whisky bottling, this entertaining tome serves mainly for the author to spool out some anecdotes and make 2 points. But

Mad As Hell And Back

I’m a huge fan of Shaun Micallef, although I believe in Australia the reason he hasn’t been more commercially successful is that a lot of people don’t “get” him. This book is a collection of scripts from various shows he’s

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