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Subtitled “How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives” – an interesting read this, given that it was published in 2011… so, a company biopic from 10 years ago for a company that’s very much continued aggressively evolving to present day. Steven Levy writes candidly and with great insight (and clearly, access) on the origin stories of Larry and Sergey, and the genesis of the company from its roots as a research project from Stanford.

I was very interested to read the internal wrangling over the power of data vs. privacy, the famed “20% time”, and the great Google push into China (up to that point one of the most significant moves they’d made). It blew my mind that Google Glass didn’t feature at all – but then, it was from 2014. So, maybe there’s a 10th Anniversary edition out there? I can’t remember when Marissa Mayer left Google either, but it was interesting how prominently her name featured in this book, given her latter movements.

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