Boris Johnson: The Beast of Brexit (A Study In Depravity)

More a pamphlet than a book – I was intrigued into this by seeing it on a friend’s “recently read” feed. It’s a 60-ish page essay on the character of Alexander Boris DePfeffel Johnson, and given his temperament and past history of lying and criminal-adjacent activity & disrespect for the rule of law it simply beggars belief that he should be in any way fit for serving on a body concerned with making laws – least of all being the head of it. Published in 2016 prior to Johnson’s ascent to the top job, the author must have been sitting, gawping open-mouthed at 2019’s election result. Sadly there was nothing in here I wasn’t already aware of – it just saddens me that more people clearly don’t think this sort of thing is important.

Boris Johnson: The Beast of Brexit
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