How They Broke Britain

Taking a moment out of trying to get people to justify their opinions on radio, James O’Brien has assembled an excellent if not totally depressing case outlining how a handful of key individuals colluded, conspired, and/or coincided to take Britain

Mad As Hell And Back

I’m a huge fan of Shaun Micallef, although I believe in Australia the reason he hasn’t been more commercially successful is that a lot of people don’t “get” him. This book is a collection of scripts from various shows he’s

Jeremy Hardy Speaks Volumes

Lovingly assembled collection of bits & pieces from dear-departed comic & human being Jeremy Hardy. He was truly one-of-a-kind and several nuggets in this book really shone out for me. Interspersed throughout were tributes/contributions from other friends & comics, making

Boris Johnson: The Beast of Brexit

More a pamphlet than a book – I was intrigued into this by seeing it on a friend’s “recently read” feed. It’s a 60-ish page essay on the character of Alexander Boris DePfeffel Johnson, and given his temperament and past

How to be Right (in a World Gone Wrong)

Wonderfully written insight into the approaches & attitudes of James O’Brien in being a liberal talkback radio host, and the sorts of thoughts and beliefs he has as he encounters the sorts of callers he has on a daily basis.

What Next

I bought this book in order to access a well researched & referenced perspective on the “Leave” side of the European Referendum discussion: the author being a Conservative MEP, and one of the people caught up in the phrase “the

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