Rum: The Manual
This is a book about how to drink rum of all kinds. It's about classic rums and new-generation rums, about rhum agricole and about premium aged rums, about rums from all over the world. It's about rum enjoyed with cola and ginger beer. About the best rum for a classic daiquiri. About rum cocktails that ooze style and personality. Above all, it's about enjoying your rum in all kinds of ways.The days of rum being…

A companion to his excellent Whisky manual, but geared at The Sugar Spirit – Broom-san deploys his mixer-led grading system to inform notes on a load of different styles of rums, and paves the way to educate on different styles & processes for what turns out is a VASTLY complex territory for knowledge. And people claim that Whisky is “confusing”… It’s given me some great pointers for things to try, and things to avoid based on what I already know I don’t like. Although try as me might, I fear he’s never going to win me over to having coconut water in the fridge on-hand to make mixed drinks.

Rum: The Manual
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