97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know
In this truly unique technical book, today's leading software architects present valuable principles on key development issues that go way beyond technology. More than four dozen architects -- including Neal Ford, Michael Nygard, and Bill de hOra -- offer advice for communicating with stakeholders, eliminating complexity, empowering developers, and many more practical lessons they've learned from years of experience. Among the 97 principles in this book, you'll find useful advice such as:Don't Put Your Resume…

As someone who’s not a software architect, I figured this book about what software architects need to know might open my eyes to the sorts of things I might need to know about if I were to ever want to pursue becoming a software architect. The catch is, it was published in 2009 – so any tech specifics would be guaranteed to be irrelevant, right?

Each page contained a short-ish thought from an experienced architect on some facet of the role – but often tended towards the philosophical: ways to think about the project, the team, the business/team relationship… And then there was things like “consider performance”, or “do maintenance & refactoring”. So, on the whole it kinda told me about a bunch of stuff I’m either already doing, or already know ought to be done.

The challenge with the “one story per page” format is that each author is starting from still to make their point; meaning it’s not possible to get into anything in any depth. Of the 97 pieces of advice, I think I’ve bookmarked about 7 or 8 – but would be surprised if I ever got around to going back and re-reading any of it.

97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know
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