Nat’s What I Reckon – UnCook Yourself

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Nat's What I Reckon was the tattooed lockdown saviour we didn't know we needed, rescuing us from packet food, jar sauce and total boredom with his hilarious viral recipe videos that got us cooking at home like champions again.Now that we've cooked our way out of lockdown and are wondering what the hell to do next, our favourite ratbag is back - and he's ready to teach us more about life in this thoroughly unhelpful…

Tricky to know how to describe this book… and I daresay it doesn’t really matter. It’s like a transcription of a really long Nat’s What I Reckon video, in which he tells his life story and philosophy on life. I really like the guy. I’m delighted that he’s found success with those cooking videos. Publishing recipes in comic-book format is a bit of an odd step, and I can’t imagine many people would keep this as a cooking reference – but you couldn’t leave it out, and it’s quite well-executed.

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