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Maybe I had the wrong expectation of this place – I thought that pop-up bars were meant to be about making quirky, innovative and memorable use of space that was only available for a short time, whereas the modus operandi of this place appeared to be “sell overpriced drinks to pillocks in a penthouse that nobody’s bought because it’s on top of a massive student housing block”.

We went along on one of those daily deal voucher things, not expecting to be treated like royalty, but not to be completely ignored. Quite why it was required that we make a booking for a particular time was a bit of a mystery, because nobody seemed to know we were going to be there, and the table we were pointed to was nicely situated so you could barely see any of the view that was the primary feature of this 32nd floor bar. It probably wouldn’t have been as bad if the staff had gone around periodically and wiped the nose-grease from the windows.

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