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If you’re tired of over-elaborate hotel rooms and service offerings then you’ll absolutely adore the York Central Micklegate Travelodge.  It’s also ideal if you’re keen on visiting the Reflex 80’s bar, which is conveniently located right across the road.

You certainly wouldn’t stay here under any other circumstances.  Although, in its defence, the shower worked.

There’s not a great deal to say – the room was a basic rectangular affair, with 2 utilitarian coat hanging nubs protruding from the wall.  The end of the room featured a floor length curtain, suggesting perhaps a full-length window or maybe a small stage?  Bewilderingly, about 1/6th of the curtained off section contained a window, and the rest would be useful for snowboard storage, or, like, errm, something.

All curtain, no window

The breakfast was the famously bleak Travelodge breakfast experience – the perfect start to help you appreciate the rest of your day more.

Without intending to sound like complaining – the bed was possibly modelled on early York monastic fashions, when monks used to sleep 2 to a bed and it was imperative for one to stay awake at all times: whenever one bed occupant moves it’s impossible for the other to remain asleep.  Equally, the hotel have gone for authentic period pillows – small cotton pucks resembling perhaps a Juicy Fruit, which you need 3 of in order to avoid permanent neck damage.  Sadly, you’re only issued two, so it’s vital to procure extras from the front desk before they run out.  Helpfully, the desk clerk offered us extra towels to roll up and sleep on in lieu.

Still – 2 stars, because it was better than the place we stayed last time.
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