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Not strictly a microbrewery (in that they don’t actually make their own beer… guess that’s a bit of a biggie, really), Lazy Boy is a bar which – as the story goes – was started by a couple of tradesmen who took possession of the building as payment for a bankrupt client.

Boasting a selection of over 400 different beers, the bustling atmosphere and people queueing for tables amid a fairly wide selection for restaurants in this popular area of White Plains is a neat indicator of Good Things To Come.

The beer selection is nothing short of amazing, and the draught beer list fills an A4 page with an option for every taste. What sealed it for me, however, was the ribs. These were, unquestionably, the finest ribs I have ever had. Ever. You could feed these ribs to a pensioner whose teeth had fallen out 10 years hence. So tender & moist. And flavoursome.

Just stunning.

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